Active on the market since 2011, Total Service Engineeringstands out for a wide range of integrated engineering services. Clear investments were made in the retail of both plant engineering and architectural fields. The experience gained and the acquired knowledge enabled the firm to excel in the field of civil and industrial architecture also at an international level. In this regard, it takes a leading role as “Local Architect”, directly managing the work authorization procedures both in Europe and in the Middle East.

Thanks to its dynamism and constant search for technical and technological innovation, Total Service Engineering adopted BIM. Also known as “3D design”, this system provides digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of buildings.

The BIM software can be a valuable tool when it comes to verifying the feasibility of a project at any given moment, making the team more aware of the decisions taken and creating a more effective communication with the main contractor.


Civil architecture deals with the functional recovery of buildings and the development plans of new subdivisions.

Total Service Engineering provides projects targeted at space usability, combining the client’s needs with the regulatory and technical requirements. Thanks to a detailed project planning, all the professionals involved assist the client from the preliminary design stage to the realization of the work.

In addition, the team takes charge of all bureaucratic activity, from cadastral documents to authorization practices and procedures.


Industrial architecture deals with the edification and renovation of industrial and logistic buildings. Thanks to the usage of sustainable and innovative materials, over time it has developed increasingly light structures and made the most of the available space.

Total Service Engineering enhances the importance of sustainability in architecture. As a matter of fact, the team balances the client’s needs with the new technologies on the market. The aim is to provide high-functioning solutions for the client’s operations, while preserving their economic and environmental sustainability. The result is a highly efficient industrial building, created with an active inclusion of the client in the production process.


Total Service Engineering‘s architects and urban planners are specialized in building design and Master Plans, which consist in creating a summary plan of single projects in order to facilitate their management in more complex cases.

Choosing Total Service Engineering for a Master Plan development has the advantage of interfacing, at any design stage, with only the single contact person in charge of the dedicated team of professionals.