Category: Retail/Office
Typology: Boutique
Services: Architectural, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Works Management & Local Architect

Balmain Shop in Rue Francois Premier 44, 8eme Arr. Paris.
It’s an ancient famous ”Balmain House”, located in Rue François 1er, into an historical building in the heart of the Champs Elysee, where the Architecture historicity of Building mix with the Paris classic design in modern and sophistical key, distinguishing by the use of fine materials, play of light and hypnotic reflections.
The Shop area develop and extend on two building floor, meanwhile the second floor of “Balmain House” its using as “Service Area and Offices Area”.

Total Service Engineering has carried out the develop the whole of Civil and Plant engineering executive Project, concerning to the transforming of the spaces of each floor, observing the prescriptions of the Local Normative in force. Especially has been carried out the extension of the “Woman Shop with the Man area” at first floor, it has been reorganized the Service Areas and the Offices at the second floor, the adaptation of the lift was taken care of, as a connection between the ground and second floor, replaced the existing hydronic cooling system by the new one, using the “VRF System” facing and overcoming issues visual and acoustic impact, on roof.
During the Works Management, which it has been developed in two macro phases, TSE has taken care of and paid attention to all construction details and to the execution of work in a workmanlike manner, of the finished works, in particularly paying attention to the executive phases management, avoiding interference with the operativity of the shop simultaneously opened to the public.